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Need help setting up
  • Hi,

    When I config my network settings on startup i get the following messages:

    Status: Successfully forwarding port 80.
    Status: is registered, but could not connect to it. (HttpHostConnectException)

    This resulting in the following error message on my iPhone4:
    "Either the Subsonic URL is incorrect, the Subsonic server is down, or you may be connected to Wifi but don't have access to the outside internet."

    I doubt the server is down and I do have internet access on my iPhone, which leads me to believe that it has something to do with the HostConnectExeption. How do I fix it? Or am I just incredibly stupid and have missed something?

    Anyhow, help is both needed and appreciated!


  • There's a very good chance that your ISP blocks port 80. You should try setting the port to something different.

    Here's what you need to do:

    1. Change the port
    using the system tray preferences: Just right click on the Subsonic
    system tray icon and choose Subsonic Control Panel. That will take you
    to a small settings screen which will let you change the port. Click the Settings tab at the top, and simply change 80 to 4040 and hit Save Settings.

    2. If you get an error saying it couldn't change the setting, that's
    most likely Windows access controls stopping it. If that happens, open
    up task manager by hitting Windows Key + R and type taskmgr then hit
    enter. This will open the Task Manager. Then choose the Processes tab at
    the top, scroll down the list until you see a line with
    subsonic-agent.exe. Click on it and click the End Process button in the
    bottom right. This will close Subsonic. Then in your start menu, browse
    to the Subsonic folder and right click on Subsonic Tray Icon. Choose Run
    as administrator from the menu. This will open the tray icon as
    administrator and will now allow you to change the port.

    3. Once you've saved the new port, you will
    need to restart Subsonic. You can do this by simply restarting your
    computer, or you can follow the instructions in step 3 again.

    4. Now go back to your Subsonic web interface by going to http://localhost:4040
    in your browser. Go back to the Settings > Network section and
    uncheck the two boxes. Hit save. Wait a few moments, then check them
    again and hit save again. This will make sure that Subsonic forwards
    your port 4040 instead of 80 and it will make sure that it updates your address to point to the correct port.

    5. Now it should be working. It should say that port 4040 is forwarded and that it is reachable. Then you should be able to access your url from anywhere.

    Let me know if these steps work for you.
  • Thanks for the tips, unfortuanetly it doesn't work. I followed all your steps and it appears I can't change the port to 4040. When I change the port to 4040, save and restart Subsonic, I can't connect to http://localost:4040. And if I enter Subsonic in an other way (say typing my adress or my IP), uncheck the boxes-wait-recheck the boxes, it still says "successfully forwardning port 80". 

    Any ideas?

  • Send me an email at We'll figure out a time that I can help you over Skype. It's so much easier to help in real time with your screen shared than to try and go back and forth over emails or forum posts.
  • I am having the same problem. Did you guys figure it out?
  • @megznbacon there are a few reasons this can happen, please email me at and we'll get you taken care of.
  • Same problem here. I tried both port 80 and 4040. The both were successfully forwarded but no access over 3G. local wifi network works fine. I'll e-mail you as well.

    One other question. I paid for the iphone app but during the network setup I noticed I have to donate as well to maintain the I setup? Is this correct?



  • @edzed, I'll be replying to your email shortly but I just wanted to quickly answer your question regarding the Subsonic donation. iSub and Subsonic are two separate products created by two separate people. Subsonic is free forever to use the web interface. To use the API that the Subsonic Android client, iSub, and all other clients need to connect to Subsonic, you must get a Subsonic license. There is a red Donate link in the top right of the Subsonic web interface that you can use to purchase your license via paypal. The Subsonic API works for the first 30 days before a license is required. Please note this is entirely a Subsonic requirement and all license donations go to the creator of Subsonic and not myself. iSub has no trial and once purchased is owned forever. Sorry about any confusion.
  • Thanks for clarification Ben. I look forward to your e-mail and resolving my setup issues.



  • @edzed, you should have an email from me already. Let me know if you didn't get it.
  • Ben, thanks again for your help in resolving the port forwarding/firewall issue with my 2wire 2700HG-E router. Everthing is woking great now! In case any one else has this router you will need to manually add the subsonic port to the application list to pass it through the firewall in your router settings.
  • Same problem here and with no avail I have tried all the above steps
  • @shawnjp314 you've got mail ;)
  • Ben, I too have the same issue. It'd be great if the resolve was posted, but in any case I could use your help.

    I am already using port 4040 and can connect fine over 4G, but cannot connect when I am on WiFi, odd since it's usually the other way around.
  • It's not possible for me to post a solution, because it's different for every setup. In general, port forwarding "just works", but in the cases that it doesn't, it's generally a different thing each time. Or even for the same thing, the instructions are different because it's a different router or modem. In these cases, I've found it best to help directly using TeamViewer, so that I can adjust any necessary settings. In general it takes no longer than 10 minutes for me to do so, vs hours of back and forth emails.
  • So please shoot me an email at support [at] and we'll get you sorted out.