Subsonic Quick Start

  1. Install Subsonic

    1. Download the installer for your system:
    2. Follow the installer prompts. Some more system specific info can be found by clicking the “Instructions” link for your system on the download page.
    3. Log into the web interface using a web browser on the computer you installed Subsonic on. On Windows systems enter http://localhost on OS X and Linux enter http://localhost:4040
    4. Log in using the username “admin” and password “admin.” Once logged in, go to Settings at the top, Users subheading, choose “admin” from the Select User dropdown box, click the Change Password box, and enter a new password for your admin account.
    5. On the same page, create another user to use for listening. Choose New User from the Select User dropdown box, choose the permissions you want for that user by clicking the appropriate check boxes, enter a username and password, then click the Save button. You can create as many accounts as you would like for family and friends.
    6. Setup your music folders by clicking the Music Folders subheading. The latest version of Subsonic will automatically find your iTunes media folder if you use iTunes. If you have your music somewhere else, enter the full path in the Folder section, make sure the Enabled check box is selected, and click the Save button. You should see all your artists listed on the left panel of the web interface.
    7. Try to have Subsonic automatically configure your router to forward it’s port and select an easy to remember * address. Click the Network subheading and click both check boxes. Enter the name you would like to use for your URL, then click the save button. If your router is supported you should see a “url registered successfully” status message underneath the URL box. If not, refer to the port forwarding guide on my website for instructions on setting it up manually. If you get stumped, please don’t hesitate to email me at

  2. Install the iSub app

    1. On your device, search for iSub Music Streamer in the app store and install.
    2. Either tap “Setup Your First Server” on the iSub intro screen or tap the gear in the Home tab to enter your server information.
      1. The URL is the address you chose in step ‘g’ above.
      2. The username and password are what you chose in step ‘e’ above.
    3. Watch the feature walkthrough videos on the front page to familiarize yourself with iSub’s features