Why is iSub not continuing to the next song when it plays? I have to open the app and hit play every time! What gives!?

What’s most likely happening is you have another app open that plays audio and it’s changing the audio session. Then iSub gets put to sleep before it can start the next song. If this is happening to you, make sure you have all audio playing apps killed completely (double tap the home button, tap and hold on the app, and hit the X when it’s wiggling). One specific app that causes this that I’m aware of is the NPR radio app, but it could happen with other audio apps as well.

My songs don’t finish playing! They stop part way through. How can I fix it?

This can be caused by a few different things.

Sometimes it’s a problem with settings on your Subsonic account. Try making another account in Settings > Users in your Subsonic web interface. Go into iSub settings by tapping the gear on the home tab, tap the edit button, tap the entry for your server and enter the new username and password. Tap the save button and then tap your server to make sure the new settings are loaded. Restart your phone completely so that all network caches are clear and Subsonic definitely picks up the new username. Songs may start streaming completely now.

Sometimes it’s caused by AAC files that aren’t in a proper container. If you have AAC files that you ripped yourself with a program other than iTunes, especially if they end in .aac, they may need to be put into an mp4 container. The easiest way is to just re-rip them as m4a
files using a program like iTunes. Otherwise you can use the free command line tool MP4box to do it with the following command: MP4Box -add “your_problem_song.aac” “your_problem_song.m4a”

Why can’t I access my Subsonic server from outside my home network (i.e. on 3G)?

Usually this is because your router has not been set up to forward the port that Subsonic uses. Most routers that support UPnP can be automatically configured by Subsonic. However, sometimes it fails to setup the router, the router is not supported, or UPnP is disabled. In that case, please email iSub support at support@isubapp.com and we’ll assist you in setting up the port forwarding manually.

What is a port and what is port forwarding?

Ports are like different doors into your computer. They each have a number, which lets you run more than one networked application on your computer at a time, one application per port. The router that your computer is hooked up to automatically blocks these ports from the outside as a security measure. Port forwarding is the act of opening the required port on the router and “forwarding” it to your computer, i.e. telling the router that if someone tries to connect to port 4040 for instance, to send that connection along to your computer.

Now Subsonic can, in 99% of cases, do this automatically. It talks to your router and sets up the forwarding so you don’t have to. To enable this, log into your Subsonic web interface, go to the Settings > Network section, and make sure the top check box is checked. You can verify that it’s working by turning off Wi-Fi on your device so that you are using 3G or EDGE, and trying to connect to the whatever-you-picked.subsonic.org URL in iSub or your device’s web browser. If it connects, then you’re good to go.

My port forwarding is definitely setup but I still can’t access my server from outside my home network!

Some Internet service providers block port 80, so if your Subsonic server is set to use port 80 and you have your port forwarding set up properly, the information can still be blocked. Try changing the port to 4040 and trying again. On Windows, you can change the port in the Subsonic preferences panel that is accessed by right clicking the Subsonic system tray icon.

I can’t connect to my server, is the Subsonic service down?

Unlike other products like Simplify Media, Subsonic is a standalone application. There is no intermediate server, so the connection is directly from your home computer to your device. If you are having trouble connecting to your server, most likely either your internet is down at home, Subsonic is not running on your computer, your computer is off, etc. If you are using a *.subsonic.org URL there is a slim chance that that server could be down, but it rarely happens. If you want to be really safe, you can sign up for a free dyndns.com account as well as a fail safe. Just remember that if you use DynDNS or a similar service, you will need to put the Subsonic port after the URL like so: http://your.url.com:4040, where 4040 is the Subsonic port. *.subsonic.org addresses do not need this as they automatically point to the correct port.

Subsonic/iSub is supposed to play my FLAC / ALAC / M4A / etc, why isn’t it working?

Subsonic has the ability to play songs of almost any format through the use of transcoding plugins. However, those plugins are not always installed depending on the installer you used. Given the number of different types of systems Subsonic can be installed on, I can not provide those plugins for download at this time, but you can verify that that is the problem by checking the Subsonic log (web interface, click About at the top). If you try to play a song and it fails and you see any messages that say “transcoding error,” then it is a transcoding plugin error. I will update this section with more information later, for now help can be obtained in the Subsonic user forum (http://activeobjects.no/subsonic/forum) or you can email us for help directly at support@isubapp.com.

If you are using Ubuntu One Mobile Music, they do not, at the time of this writing, support on the fly converting of music files to mp3. So all of your music must be in the mp3 or m4a formats for use with iSub.

Why is iSub telling me that no song data is being returned when I try to play a song?

If you have already purchased a Subsonic license, or have been using Subsonic less than 30 days, then usually this is caused by a transcoding plugin error. Basically, you have songs that are not in m4a or mp3 format, and Subsonic is failing to convert them to mp3 for playback in iSub. There can also be other reasons that a licensed Subsonic server does not return audio data, such as network errors

If you have not licensed Subsonic and you have been using it to send music to iSub for more than 30 days, then your trial period has expired and the Subsonic API is no longer sending down song data. All you need to do is input your Subsonic license code and it will immediately start sending down music again. Just log into your Subsonic web interface and click the red “Donate” link at the top right of the page.

Why do Subsonic and iSub both cost money?

Subsonic and iSub are two completely standalone products developed by two different people. It is always free to use Subsonic to stream music from your computer using the web interface. However, to use the Subsonic API that iSub and all other clients use to connect, you must purchase a license from the Subsonic developer. You can do so using the link on the Subsonic apps page: http://subsonic.org/pages/apps.jsp. iSub also works with the Ubuntu One Mobile Music service if you would prefer to keep all your music in the cloud rather than streaming directly from your computer. Please note though that not all of iSub’s features work for Ubuntu One.