Not quite dead yet!

Not dead yet...

For the past two years, I was working as a UI Software Engineer at Apple and was contractually prevented from doing anything more than bug fixes (not to mention having no free time).

As of two weeks ago, I am back in the startup scene! While I won’t be able to work on iSub full time, I am resuming active development.

This includes: Swift port and code cleanup, iPhone 6/6+ screen support, and some UI modernizing. Then I’ll prioritize other features based on my availability, the first of which is drastically Improve the playlist experience. For example by allowing you to add any song from any list to an existing playlist (what a thought!).

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  1. Chris P. January 30, 2016 at 10:25 pm #

    That’s great news! I happily pay for it again to have a nicely-up-to-date version.

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